Diary of a Hopeful Woman

"In December 2014, I experienced the most devastating loss a woman could face – I had a miscarriage just before entering my second trimester. Since then, I have been talking to other mothers of angel babies and have learned that this tragic experience is something that many women face. Despite my personal emotions and defeat, I want women to come together and create awareness, as well as make their tragedies a topic of conversation. Talking about miscarriage is unfortunately a taboo in the world today, but I am hoping to be apart of the movement to change this. We deserve to be heard.

At first I wanted to create a personal blog that I could pour my heart, emotions, and soul into – DOAHW. As a way to cope with my everyday life following my miscarriage, I wrote every detail I could possibly remember and shared it with the internet. Today there are hundreds of followers and the daily views reach 200 everyday. I truly want to thank the people that have supported me through my experience; family, friends, and strangers.

Starting in February 2015, DOAHW will become more than a personal blog, it will evolve into a movement for women to join that have experienced a Miscarriage (Pregnancy Loss). I ask every woman, survivors or allies, to join this movement. The taboo of miscarriage and PAIL (Pregnancy & Infant Loss) awareness, ends today."

Robin Lawhon, Founder
(Previously known as Robin Cassady)

Freelancer, Writer/Blogger, and Hopeful Woman

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What makes DoaHW different?

We are striving to create awareness about Miscarriage, and Pregnancy & Infant Loss. There is no one way to do this, but we want to bring everyone together and create lasting support systems within communities globally. Speak out, be heard, be understood, and be a friend.