For You, The Spouse.

Thank you for being there for your survivor through this tragic time, for the both of you. This is not a severe tragedy for her alone, you're allowed to be hurting too - remember that. Below is compiled information from many different websites, books, blogs, and events we've held. We hope this information can assist you through this time.

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I want to be strong for her, she needs me. I cannot allow my hurt to hurt her more.
— DoaHW member

Can you relate to the quote on the left from one of our members? This partner expressed this during our Online Meeting for Allies on 03/10/2015.
Your strength is what will help her, but believe it or not, your hurt will too. 90% of our survivor members expressed wishes in our Online Meeting for Survivors on 03/09/2015, for their significant others to show emotion.

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Articles & Blogs

Here is a list of helpful articles and blogs from other men/partners,
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Quotes from other allies

Received during our Online Meetings for Allies.

I knew my daughter had her appointment that day to check on the baby so when she was calling me, I just thought it was to tell me everything was wasn’t. She lost it. I couldn’t say anything and her crying made it worse. Thinking back on it, I wish I knew how to help her and what to say to her.
— Mother of a Survivor
When my best friends baby died during her pregnancy I couldn’t be there for her because I didn’t know what to say. I have since apologized to her for my actions and absence and I regret it entirely. I haven’t left her side since. RIP baby Thoms.
— Best Friend of a Survivor