Our Mission

The mission of Diary of a Hopeful Woman (DOAHW) is to build a global community of hope and support to survivors and their families who have experienced pregnancy loss.

We hope you join us in our mission, share your story and feel welcome with us.

Our Vision

The vision for DOAHW is that together we can start more conversations about Miscarriage, Pregnancy Loss and Infant Loss

The vision is that together we can allow survivors to voice their experiences together and create a movement for global awareness

We hope that women will gather to receive hope

We hope that families will rally with the survivors to be supportive

We hope to end the stigma that the survivor did something wrong

We hope to create conversation within communities around the world about Pregnancy & Infant Loss

We hope survivors are embraced by churches and given love and compassion

We hope to envision a world that embraces women in their hurt, not pushes them away

We hope to educate survivors support system with the tools to properly communicate with their survivor

We hope women come together, love one another, and support one another

We hope medical professionals gain perspective and sympathy for survivors and their child(ren)


-Robin (Cassady) Lawhon
Founder & President