We started small, now we have hundreds of survivors and their families that have joined us to provide support for each other.

Join our mission to bring awareness of Miscarriage and survivors of Pregnancy & Infant Loss.

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Diary of a Hopeful Woman's survivors are a group of amazing women who have been through the one of the worst tragedies a woman can face. With or without a partner, these women coexist with each other for support and understanding.

Surviving pregnancy loss or infant loss is exhausting, both mentally and physically. Even the most supportive spouse, family, and friends do not always assist the survivor with the mental and physical needs of a survivor during this time - this is what DOAHW was started for.


Diary of a Hopeful Woman's allies are a group of amazing men and women who support the survivors with their mental and physical exhaustion. DOAHW Allies are responsible for being educated by survivors on how to successfully assist a survivor with their emotional and physical needs for as long as they need.

DOAHW Allies are spouses, parents, siblings, best friends, and strangers.

Diary of a Hopeful Woman's Allies are encouraged to attend events and meetings that the Survivors hold. The survivors teach the Allies how to be the best support system available - we are more than a team, we are a family.